Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 on fertilisers and biostimulants



This Annex outlines the specific requirements for the labeling and packaging of fertilizers placed on the market within the European Union. The annex sets out the information that must be displayed on the label and packaging of fertilizer products to ensure proper identification, safe use, and transparency for consumers.

The information required in Annex III may include:

  • Product name and trade name, if applicable.
  • The total nutrient content expressed as a percentage of nitrogen (N), phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), potassium oxide (K2O), and other essential nutrients.
  • Information on any hazardous substances or impurities present in the fertilizer.
  • Specific warnings or instructions for use, storage, and handling of the product to ensure safe application.
  • The net weight or volume of the fertilizer in the packaging.
  • Information about the responsible party, such as the manufacturer, importer, or distributor, and their contact details.
  • Batch or lot number for traceability purposes.

The labeling requirements in Annex III are designed to enable consumers to make informed choices about the fertilizers they purchase and use, as well as to ensure that the products comply with the relevant EU regulations.

General labelling requirements   The following information shall be provided:   (a) for EU fertilising products in PFC 1 to PFC 6, the designation as indicated in Part I of Annex I of the PFC corresponding to the product’s claimed function;   (b) for EU fertilising products in PFC 7, the designations as indicated in Part I of Annex I of all the PFCs corresponding to the claimed functions of the component EU fertilising products;   (c) the quantity of the EU fertilising product, indicated by mass or volume;   (d) instructions for intended use, including application rates, timing and frequency, and target plants or mushrooms;   (e) recommended storage conditions;   (f) for products containing a polymer belonging to CMC 9 in Part II of Annex II, the time period following use during which the nutrient release is being controlled or the water retention capacity is being increased (the ‘functionality period’), which shall not be longer than the period between two applications in accordance with the use instructions referred to in point (d);   (g) any relevant information on measures recommended to manage risks to human, animal or plant health, to safety or to the environment; and   (h) a list of all ingredients above 5 % by product weight in descending order of magnitude by dry weight, including the designations of the relevant CMCs as referred to in Part I of Annex II to this Regulation; where the ingredient is a substance or a mixture, it shall be identified as specified in Article 18 of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.