Sun Chemicals Services present at BASAI 2024 conference in India

From Sun Chemicals Services we’re proud to announce our participation in the BASAI 2024 conference, where our experts will be delivering a comprehensive session about the registration process of a biostimulant fertilizer. As leaders in chemical industry, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to empower attendees with valuable insights into this important aspect of agricultural innovation in Europe.

  • About BASAI 2024:

BASAI (Biological Agri Solutions Association of India) is an esteemed annual conference that serves as a platform for industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders to converge and discuss advancements in bio-stimulant technologies and their applications in agriculture. The event focuses on fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and exploring new opportunities to enhance sustainability and productivity in farming practices.

  • Our presence at BASAI 2024:

Sun Chemicals Services is honoured to be a part of BASAI 2024, where we will be actively participating in the conference by delivering a specialized session on the registration process of biostimulant fertilizers. Our team of experts will delve into all crucial aspects of registration, providing attendees with in-depth knowledge and practical insights to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

Sun Chemicals Services is proud to be a part of this prestigious event, and we look forward to sharing our expertise to empower attendees with actionable insights and strategies for successful registration. Join us on February 27th and 28th, 2024, in India, as we collaborate to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture!

February 2024

Sun Chemicals Services Team

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