Biorizon Biotech – The company that has four biostimulants with European certification.

Biorizon Biotech is a company that is fully dedicated to the field of biotechnology, betting on regenerative agriculture, researching on microalgae and beneficial bacteria that can have biostimulant properties for plants, improving the activity in the rhizosphere, promoting, and improving the assimilation of micro and macronutrients.

Currently, Biorizon Biotech is the company with the largest number of products with official European certification, which means that its products have been able to demonstrate their functionality after numerous efficacy studies. That is why the quality of the products is certified by the European Union.

From Sun Chemicals Services we are proud and extremely grateful for having been able to be part of this achievement. Therefore, we fully thank Biorizon Biotech for having trusted our team of professionals and specialists in the certification of fertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides to obtain the official EU certifications for their products Algafert ECO, Biofat 600, Biopower ECO and Photopower.

December 2023

Sun Chemicals Services Team

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