Biostimulant World Congress – A crucial event for agricultural innovation

In the world of modern agriculture, the search for innovation and sustainable solutions is essential to face today’s challenges. The Biostimulant World Congress (BWC) emerges as a leading knowledge and collaboration event that brings together industry leaders and experts to explore and share knowledge about biostimulants and their impact on agriculture.

The Biostimulant World Congress is a global event that brings together experts, academics, companies and professionals from the agricultural industry to discuss and share advances in the field of biostimulants, which are agricultural products designed to improve the growth, health and yield of plants, as well as to increase their resistance to diseases and abiotic stress.

The BWC serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on biostimulants, where scientific research, technological advances and case studies relevant to the agricultural industry are presented. This is why it is held annually, to keep the scientific and business community updated on the latest developments in biostimulants, as well as to promote innovation and progress in this constantly evolving field.

Attending the Biostimulant World Congress is a unique opportunity to keep abreast of the latest innovations in biostimulants, network with industry experts and explore new business opportunities.

The last BWC was celebrated in November 2023 in Milan, and Sun Chemicals Services director Ferran Soldevila had the privilege to participate and actively contribute to the event. He performed a conference about biostimulant registration under EU Reg. 2019/1009 (FPR). This presentation focused on providing practical guidance on how to carry out a biostimulant registration under EU Reg. 2019/1009. The topics that were covered included:

  • Technical documentation for Module B procedure.

The requirements and preparation of the technical documentation required for the biostimulant registration process.

  • The application for EU-Type examination.

The application process and the steps to follow in order to obtain the EU type examination for biostimulants.

  • Claims and specific claims: how to approach.

Strategies and approaches for the formulation and submission of claims for biostimulants.

  • Relationships between CRO, CAB, Manufacturer, Consultant.

Relationships and responsibilities among the different agents involved in the biostimulant registration process.

Sun Chemicals Services’ participation in the 2023 Biostimulant World Congress was an enriching and rewarding experience. It allowed us to share our knowledge and experiences with the global biostimulant community and make valuable connections with industry partners. At Sun Chemicals Services, we are committed to continue to be a leader in this area and to contribute to the development and registration of biostimulants. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

November 2023

Sun Chemicals Services Team

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